A strong and structured programme

• covers academic, social, and emotional wellbeing of the students
• incentives the students to develop independency and responsibility for their own learning.
• supports the students’ efforts to gain understanding of the world and to establish comfortable relations in it.
• helps the students to establish personal values based on the local culture and develop and understand the mentality of other countries and cultures.

The six thematic areas identified in the IB PYP
• language
• social studies
• math
• arts
• science
• personal, social, and physical education

A methodology in constant evolution.

This is one of the most efficient programmes out there, with educational qualification recognized internationally and comprised by a full immersion in the English language, with strong attention to Math, Portuguese Language, Brazilian Literature, and Social Studies.

Learning at least two languages with naturality improves cognition, allows for a faster and more efficient problem solution, enhances reasoning, and increases self-esteem, among other benefits, such as social benefits. The inquisitive and transdisciplinary curriculum offer specific goals for each knowledge area.

Our studies are based on researches where knowledge areas are integrated, motivating our students to act in our community and around the world, and becoming an apprentice in the long run.

Language Acquisition

We want to form students who think globally. For that reason, we understand that teaching a second language is indispensable for the student to understand and be accepted in the world. To master a foreign language improves cognition, allows for a faster and more efficient problem solution, enhances reasoning, and increases self-esteem, among other benefits.

Our academic programme facilitates the acquisition of a second language. Our educators, all experts in bilingual projects, developed one the greatest and more advanced multilingual programmes in the world.

International Baccalaureate

Much more than just an educational institutional founded in Switzerland in the 1960’s ,IB now is a global community formed by 4.2 thousand schools, 75 thousand teachers, and 1.25 million students – all united in the mission of creating a better world through an international education of the highest quality.

As a result, a connected and conceptual curriculum, capable of facilitating the international de mobilities of the students, providing a qualification recognized by universities all over the world.

The objective of the IB programmes is developing proactive, enthusiastic, and empathetic students, engaged in matters of local and global importance, with a critical and creative thought, who can make well-though and ethical decisions for complex issues.

Young people who are investigative, well-informed, curious, and above all, with an international mentality, capable of acting with empathy, compassion, and respect – and thus make a positive difference in other people’s lives and in the world around them.

Red House International School follows specific rules to provide such qualification to our students. For that reason, it is born already recognized by the entire global community such as IB World School.

* The IB Certification is related to the units at Higienópolis – SP


Elementary School hours

The school hours are fixed, from Monday to Friday, from 8h00 a.m. to 3h40 p.m.. During that time, the students have lunch at the school, and also have two breaks and two snacks.

As an option, the school offers After School activities, until 5h00 p.m..

Obtain more information on the availability of each activities in our offices.