A pedagogic model that covers social development and openness to new knowledge, challenges, and differences.

Ethics, methodology. And an amazing team.

What makes Red House – a genuinely Brazilian international school– be recommended and sought by private and public entities of a country that is a global reference in education, such as Switzerland?

Attention to our students always comes first, but it is not alone. In Red House, the teachers are as important as the students.

All of our teachers have the highest quality formation and are frequently evaluated by RHWS in Genève, and by the parents, their students, the board of directors, and their peers.

Pedagogy and Synchronicity

Red House International School offers a bilingual pedagogic model, recognized and accepted worldwide. Always state-of-the-art, attractive, and high-performance. With teachers who are trained, up to date, and prepared to apply the curriculum, as well as teaching material capable of stimulating even more the neuroplasticity of the child’s brain throughout the whole process.

And the elementary disciplines are not the only ones thought in our school: entrepreneurship, arts, music, and sports are also taken very seriously here.

And the classes, as well as the daily exercises, are planned as a part of a while, in order to provoke connections and synchronicity between disciplines, challenging the children to understand the world in a more logic way and, at the same time, in a more complex and creative level, using games and plays, reasoning and questioning, trial and error, research, interpretation, points of view, theater plays, musicals, and group sports.

And best of all, in here the delight of being a kid is not just a phase. This good feeling of living life with more joy, curiosity, loftiness and interdependency, may also endure forever.

A biomimetic school

In Red House, each age group has its own place, in order to favor something called child neuroplasticity.

This phase of the child’s formation, whose main characteristic is the predisposition to explore the world around – is the perfect scenario for our school to create experience and repertoire in two different languages. Always in a playful and fun way, so that the children create their own neuro-linguistical associations, in a proper, safe, and cozy environment.


This explains why the brains of children who learn two or more languages simultaneously as their native tongues – in other words, in a natural way – becomes much more plastic for the absorption and understanding of new information from any origin (and not only idiomatic ones).

It is also the justification for the fact that these children also like studying more – and not only languages, so that later they can get ahead in their academic and professional careers in a natural way.

Red House’s proposal is exactly that: stimulating the formation and brain development using an environment created specifically for the children’s several development phases, and a challenging education in all disciplines, without ever becoming tedious or preoccupying.