Focused on preschool and elementary school education through an international bilingual pedagogy and recognized quality, Red House International School origins dates back more than 50 years, when its founders were pioneers in English language tuition for children.

Today Red House’s mission is to provide an international education from early childhood, teaching children how to act and transform the world in a positive, creative, ethical and humane way.

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As an IB World School in Sao Paulo, meaning authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, the Red House fosters the development of internationally minded students, aware of their responsibility to the planet, helping to create a better world for the next generations.

Red House students learn to respect differences and to live with other cultures from an early age. They become kids ingrained with their own cherished background, prepared to act globally and encouraged to make informed decisions from early childhood.

Our curriculum is combined and taught in both English and Portuguese, and we consider both languages means to students´ identity building.

However, we do not compromise on our local culture and, for this reason, the national Brazilian curriculum and content are incorporated in our school program, so that later in life our students can go to national or international schools and universities.

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Our Goal

Ensure that: (i) curiosity, enthusiasm, and interest in knowledge are motivated in every Red House student; (ii) they have integrity and tolerance in the face of the new and the old —  demonstrating wisdom, empathy and respect for others; (iii) they are naturally committed and accountable for their own self-improvement process — with the full support of our institution; (iv) And last but not least, they apply their own intelligence in the face of challenges.

Furthermore, we aim to ensure that they acquire fluency in Portuguese, English and other languages so that, empowered by the gift of communication proficiency, they can give their best to the community and the planet.

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Our Mission

To offer an international education that enables our students from early childhood to act and transform the world in a positive, humane and fair way – with special attention to values and principles, and time for constant reflection and learning.

Establish a global community comprised of families, educators and employees, ultimately valuing the collaborative process of individual and collective growth and development.

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